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Do Body Wraps Work & Are They Safe?

Recently I received an email from groupon offering discount “slimming detox body wraps”. I have to admit that any time I see things about weight loss I can’t help but check it out. When I clicked the website link it took me to the… Continue Reading “Do Body Wraps Work & Are They Safe?”

When “Body Positive” Isn’t Healthy

I recently saw a post online from a man who is in his 20’s who had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. He admitted that he most likely developed this condition at such and early age from being significantly overweight. He was upset when he went… Continue Reading “When “Body Positive” Isn’t Healthy”

Weight Loss Without Exercise

I am jealous of my younger self. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted (including ice cream on almost a daily basis) and never had to worry about gaining weight since I was always active. Now the most strenuous exercise I… Continue Reading “Weight Loss Without Exercise”